1. Avocado coffee smoothie, like rocket fuel on ice 🚀❄️

  2. This town loves a street closure. (at The National)

  3. Not a bad mug to wake up to

  4. Knockin em back. (at Cactus Club)

  5. This is 7am.

  6. Moody Near A Boat (2014) © @kristinafelske (at Harbor House)

  7. Tourist in ya home town (at Harbor House)

  8. Not a terrible vantage point to call “the office” today.

  9. Tuesday via @mkekelsey #pony (at Riverwest Public House Cooperative)

  10. Oh hello there.

  11. !

  12. TTFN, Chicago. Milwaukee, here I come. (at 🚂)

  13. A good pic of us two is a RARE thing. S/O @burnsy03 for the expert snap. #pitchfork

  14. Baby’s first bike share bike

  15. The tree-iest festival of them all